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Reviews of the Integral Anatomy Intensivetm

The following unsolicited comments regarding the Integral Anatomy Intensivestm came from emails and feedback forms returned from participants who took the class:

The sacred beauty of what you gifted everyone with on Saturday at your Integral Anatomy Workshop in New York rings through my consciousness like a beautiful bell that reverberates in tandem with every sight I see- people are now like beautiful transparent jellyfish to me - I can see their hearts beating and the lobes of their lungs, their feather-like muscles, like a child, I wonder what their inner topography contains, what is the unique snow-flake like configuration of all of their divine parts? I see them all moving through life, blissfully unaware of what goes on inside! They don't know what they're missing. I see the mushrooms and the trees, the kelp and the patterns of the clouds, and I see the sun, everywhere inside and out. Truly the way I see myself and others will never be the same; in one day, you inspired an altogether new kind of appreciation for the majesty and mystery of what goes on inside and in the world that surrounds us. In being given the honor to visit with the bodies of souls who have departed, somehow, even on film, I felt their aliveness, and as I allowed myself to be with them, to travel inside, my fear disappeared. We are nature, inextricably bound and if only we could know this all the time. Gil, you are an extraordinary poet of the body and spirit, a kind, comedic, profound and loving guide into some of the most important hidden realms human beings can ever know and that with your care and guidance come to illuminate life itself and its myriad layers, the onion tree and your daughter's delicate and exquisite fighting fish, the way you wove that incredible, joyful, poignant tapestry of images and body, flesh and sunlight, movement and sacred stillness. Awe-inspiring. An incredible gift, all of it! I will be forever grateful. With great respect, I thank you. Jennifer Kries, Pilates

This note was mailed by it's author after attending the benefit class I offered as a benefit for the Massage Therapy Foundation following the 2011 AMTA National Convention in Portland, Oregon: "If you combined the physical gyrations and rubber face of Jim Carrey with the boundless romance and unconditionality of Ram Dass and Rumi you'd have Gil Hedley, the Integral Anatomy instructor [I've been] with in Portland, OR, for the [past] two days. This man is equally outside the box and so spontaneous that he least of all knows where he's going next; though he is kept somewhat on message by the incredible slides: Everything from Gaugin and Renoir to videos of his dissection of the abdominal fascia of a dear body donor. And he begins each segment with a reading of one of his incredible poems. I'm so glad I stuck around for Gil's class. One of my dear friends and beloved mentors told me that if a teacher has something of value his market will chase him down to buy it and he needn't use a minute of class time doing any selling. Gil delivered!! Whatever your interests, you'd be in for a treat by attending a class of his. Deep thanks to the Massage Therapy Foundation for enlisting Gil's services. Mark W. Dixon, CMT, NCTMB

I really can't thank you enough for the fantastic anatomy workshop with Gil Hedley. He more than lived up to his reputation. The information and slides give an understanding of human anatomy that is rarely seen with the more common origin/insertion/action protocols. Gil brings the human body to life. The workshop has not only deepened my understanding of anatomy, but has also been a shot in the arm for the way I will approach my clients in bodywork. --Art Riggs, author of Deep Tissue Massage

Gil is a rarity. I have been in two Human Anatomy courses in my life where I have spent hours dissecting and studying cadavers and their "parts" and "connections" identifying, classifying, identifying, classifying. His lecture was exquisitely well balanced with the connection to "us", dead or alive, and the earthly nature that surrounds us...not to mention (if he could have time travelled) other places in and out of our little solar system and galaxy! (an attendee)

That was the best CEU class I have ever taken. Gil was amazing on so many levels, he truly is brilliant, and his message and intention is nothing less than beautifully divine. His class was really a journey that must be experienced to truly be understood. I enjoyed his sense of humor and his unique perspective on life, the human body and soul, and his integration of them all. My expectations were exceeded and honestly, my mind was blown! Again, thank you for bringing Gil to NHI, what a gift. --Heather Hurless

Great day yesterday. Nothing like seeing the real thing to get an education. I loved him. He's an excellent teacher. What makes him so great is not just his knowledge and the fun way he shares it, but also the little digressions that are at times personal and other times philosophical which bring a unique human and personal perspective with sensitivity to something that is usually clinical and detached from our humanity. --Luis Velez

Unbelievably eye opening.

Both as a teacher and a massage therapist, I have gained a different way of approaching the body and teaching anatomy to my students.

The delivery of the information and format was brilliant; breath of fresh air. I had many "aha" moments. I cannot even find the words for how excited and inspired I feel! Wow!

I can never again look at the body in the way I used to.

Respectful and awe-filled approach to the body and life. Loved the weaving of nature and family seamlessly into the slides. Such a sweet, personal and powerful approach.

Loved it, time just flew by. This information will linger for days, months, years.

The fascia and our relationship to it is fascinating! This course has elevated my appreciation for the human body. My interconnectedness with my clients is taken to another level.

Not just a strict anatomy class. Much gained from philosophical discussion, thinking way outside of the box.

Gil--what an amazing HOLISTIC approach to life through the lens of the body--incredible work you have done. Your class exceeded all of my thoughts and expectations. Thanks for blowing my mind!!

An excellent communicator, obviously very comfortable in his own skin.

Excellent mix of information and humour.

Unbelievably inspirational.


Fantastic, mind-blowing, what a sense of humour!

Wow, he knows his stuff! Great public speaker.

A lifetime of thought provoking information.


I have much more concise knowledge of the human body now, he shares his information in comfort and without ego.

Fabulous :-)

Need a conversation with Gil every day!

Makes anatomy accessible without being over powering. Sense of soul and lifeforce.


Excellent, humourous, informative.

Can we have him for a year?


Absolutely riveting and inspirational.

Well researched and delivered in a way that sunk to the heart of your very being.

Vastly informative in a charming way !

I am looking at the body in a completely different way despite 40 years of anatomy training.

Makes a difficult subject easy to grasp.

Informative, relevant, funny.

What a joy to hear someone so passionate about his work.

I just woke up!

Mere words cannot convey how fantastic.

Very impressive overall.