2 tall balanced rock-stack cairns in babbling brook

The Integral Anatomy Series

Viewer Discretion is Advised!

I have made all four volumes of The Integral Anatomy Series available on my Somanaut Channel on YouTube in their entirety, as well as additional videos, notably The Fuzz Speech, The Heart Dance, and more. Enjoy! I hope you will enjoy studying them and learning about the amazing human form in this way. Please be mindful of your own sensibilities regarding images of human cadavers, which can be challenging to view in many ways. Also, please adjust your computer screen away from others while you watch, in order to prevent accidental viewing on the part of those for whom these images might be either disturbing or inappropriate. My intention in sharing these images is to cultivate an appreciation for the hidden and amazing aspects of human form, to increase respect for the gift which is our human bodies, to enable people to learn about themselves, and to do so in a manner that respects both the viewer and the material.